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This is a community based on the fascination of crosses as an art statement. Not just the Christian cross, but also the well-known Greek Cross symbol. Post your images of your use of the cross as a fashion accessory or artistic form.

+cross ( P ) Pronunciation Key (krôs, krs)

An upright post with a transverse piece near the top, on which condemned persons were executed in ancient times.
often +cross The upright post with a transverse piece upon which Jesus was crucified.
A crucifix.
Any of various modifications of the +cross design, such as a Latin +cross or Maltese +cross.
A medal, emblem, or insignia in the form of a +cross.
The Christian religion; Christianity.
In Christianity, a sign made by tracing the outline of a +cross with the right hand upon the forehead and chest as a devotional act.
A trial, affliction, or frustration. See Synonyms at burden1.
A mark or pattern formed by the intersection of two lines, especially such a mark +crossX) used as a signature.
A movement from one place to another, as on a stage; a +crossing.
A pipe fitting with four branches in upright and transverse form, used as a junction for intersecting pipes.
A plant or animal produced by +crossbreeding; a hybrid.
The process of +crossbreeding; hybridization.
One that combines the qualities of two other things: a novel that is a +cross between romance and satire.
Sports. A hook thrown over an opponent's punch in boxing.
Law. An act or instance of +cross-examining; a +cross-examination.
The Southern +cross.
Slang. A contest whose outcome has been dishonestly prearranged.